For the 10 days leading to the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first steps on another world, Apollospace will feature a different Apollo 11 photo magazine and highlight the most significant, iconic, and enduring images from the Apollo 11 mission and in the history of photography.

Apollo 11 Magazine 36/N contains 142 color images, NASA Image #s AS11-36-5291 to AS11-36-5432.  This magazine primarily consists of photographs of the translunar voyage to the moon with images of the Earth, spacecraft interior, and crew shots. The final group of images are of the lunar surface from orbit.

The very first image taken during the mission is of Apollo 11 Commander, Neil Armstrong, who would take the first steps on the moon just a few days later, followed by a nice image of Command Module Pilot, Michael Collins.

Some of the best images of the Earth, and particularly the SW United States and Mexico, are featured in the next series taken during the translunar injection and coast.

The next series of images show the Lunar Module, Eagle, prior to extraction.

The next series features an ever receding Earth.

Followed by wonderful images of the LM interior and Lunar Module Pilot, Buzz Aldrin.

One of the more artistic images of the mission is the distant Earth framed by Eagle.

The final series of images feature the first views of the lunar surface from orbit.

Enjoy the entire magazine below, individually or in a slide show.  Please note that the images here are 1200 x 1200 pixel full screen versions of our fully restored photographs.  You can download high-resolution versions (3600 x 3600 pixels at 300dpi) by individual mission or mission magazine. 

Apollo 11 36/N