Apollo 13 Flown Command Module “Odyssey” Kapton Foil

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Apollospace is pleased to offer a collection of Apollo 13 event covers which have been affixed with a remnant piece of Kapton foil that was originally part of the protective insulation of the Apollo 13 command module “Odyssey,” and was flown in space to the moon from April 11-17, 1970. The Kapton from which the attached remnants were cut was originally from the personal collection of NASA Production Control Engineer William Whipkey (see accompanying letter of authenticity from Sandy Clarkson of “The Right Stuff”) and subsequently purchased by Apollospace.

The Kapton foil consisted of two pieces, as further described in the accompanying letter of authenticity and marked as A & B in the image below. The smaller segment, marked B, measured approximately 3.5 x 1.75 inches, and was cut into two pieces as shown in the image below and marked as B-1 & B-2. The piece marked as B-1 was retained. 

The piece marked as B-2 (measuring approximately 1.75 x 1.75 inches) was further cut into 44 smaller pieces, each measuring approximately .25 inches wide, as shown in the image below. These pieces were attached with archival glue to 44 vintage Apollo 13 event covers, marked as Nos. 1- 44. Series A13-1, and offered exclusively by Apollospace.

Each Apollo 13 event cover (commemorating an event contemporaneously during a mission) has been carefully selected for quality and condition. The flown kapton foil has been affixed to the front of the cover within a 1-inch stamp.

On the reverse, each cover is assigned a unique series number.

Each cover is accompanied by an item specific Letter of Authenticity fully describing the provenance of the flown kapton foil.

Browse Apollo 13 flown Kapton covers