For the 10 days leading to the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first steps on another world, Apollospace will feature a different Apollo 11 photo magazine and highlight the most significant, iconic, and enduring images from the Apollo 11 mission and in the history of photography. Apollo 11 Magazine 44/V contains 157 color images, NASA #s AS11-44-6540 to AS11-44-6696. This Magazine contains photographs of the lunar surface, a beautiful color Earthrise, LM separation, the LM rendezvous with the CM, trans-earth insertion, and images of the Earth shortly before splashdown.

Some of the most iconic images from orbit are included in this magazine, including an incredible Earthrise series.

Click here for a short GIF of the color Earthrise series.

There is a very nice series of the LM, Eagle, separating from the CM for its descent to the lunar surface.

And another great series of the Eagle’s ascent and rendezvous.

There are relatively few crater and limb shots in this magazine.

But there is a wonderful series of the receding Moon and approaching Earth as the crew nears the completion of the mission with their safe return.

Enjoy the entire magazine below, individually or in a slide show.  Please note that the images here are 1200 x 1200 pixel full screen versions of our fully restored photographs.  You can download high-resolution versions (3600 x 3600 pixels at 300dpi) by individual mission or mission magazine.

Apollo 11 44/V