Apollospace® proudly presents the Apollo Reflection Series:

Among those influenced by the Apollo Program are some truly amazing and talented space artists whose work tangibly captures the wonder of space exploration and the influences of humanity’s first steps toward the stars. These short inspirational and uplifting clips feature incredible artwork and the continuing influence of the Apollo Program.

click on the images and links below to watch the Apollo Reflections of space artists

Don Davis


Doug Forrest


Michelle Rouch


Lucy West


Ron Woods

The Apollo Reflections films look back at the memories and imagery of the Apollo era as well as the influences the Apollo Program had on those who were witness to it. Focusing on the personal reflections of Apollo Astronauts and their mission photography, these documentary interviews not only reflect on the past, they also reflect the influences of those missions on people today – and how they can continue to inspire tomorrow.

As the Apollo astronauts reflect on their historic missions, we also experience the wonder of Apollo and space exploration through the stories of people inspired by those missions to see ourselves and our place in the cosmos more clearly.