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Apollospace® has the most comprehensive collection of fully restored and enhanced high resolution Apollo 8 flight images available!


The Hasselblad Flight Photographs

The Apollo 8 mission carried two 70MM Hasselblad camera and returned with 7 magazines of film.  A total of 866 exposures were taken during the mission: 589 on black & white film and 276 on color film. 

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Apollo 8 Magazine 12/D contains 171 black & white images: NASA ID #s AS08-12-2044 to AS08-12-2214.

This magazine consists of photographs of the lunar surface from lunar orbit.







Apollo 8 Magazine 13/E contains 171 black & white images: NASA ID #s AS08-13-2215 to AS08-13-2382.

This magazine consists of closeups of the lunar surface from orbit and some images of the distant Earth.







Apollo 8 Magazine 14/B contains 152 color images: NASA ID #s AS08-14-2383 to AS08-14-2534.

This magazine consists of the famous “Earthrise” photographs, closeups of the lunar surface from orbit, and the full disc of the moon, and the moon through red and blue filters.







Apollo 8 Magazine 15/F contains 46 color images: NASA ID #s AS08-15-2535 to AS08-15-2580.

This magazine consists of photographs of the Earth from various distances during trans-lunar insertion.







Apollo 8 Magazine 16/A contains 78 color images: NASA ID #s AS08-16-2581 to AS08-16-2658.

This magazine consists of photographs during trans-lunar injection of the Earth, Saturn booster, and the lunar surface.







Apollo 8 Magazine 17/C contains 169 black & white images: NASA ID #s AS08-17-2659 to AS08-17-2827.

This magazine consists of photographs of the lunar surface and limb from lunar orbit.







Apollo 8 Magazine 18/G contains 81 black & white images: NASA ID #s AS08-18-2828 to AS08-18-2908.

This magazine consists of photographs of the lunar surface and limb from lunar orbit and moon during trans-earth injection.





Photo credits for all Apollo 8 Hasselblad flight photographs: NASA/JSC/ASU/Apollospace.


The Apollo 8 Flight Images Collection

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At 5200 x 5200 pixels, completely and fully restored and corrected of blemishes, this is the definitive collection of Apollo 8 flight images you can find anywhere.

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Apollo 8 Mission Overview


  • Frank Borman, Commander
  • William A. Anders, Lunar Module Pilot
  • James A. Lovell Jr., Command Module Pilot


  • 21, 1968
  • Launch Pad 39A
  • Saturn-V AS-503 launch vehicle


  • Orbits: 10 Lunar revolutions
  • Duration: 6 days, 3 hours, 42 seconds
  • Distance: 579,606.9 miles


  • 27, 1968
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Recovery Ship: USS Yorktown

Mission Objectives

  • Demonstrate coordinated performance of the crew, the Command and Service Module (CSM), and support facilities;
  • Demonstrate translunar injection;
  • Demonstrate CSM navigation, communications and midcourse corrections;
  • Demonstrate consumable assessment; and
  • Demonstrate passive thermal control. The detailed test objectives were to refine the systems and procedures relating to future lunar operations.

Mission Accomplishments

  • First crewed launch of Saturn V rocket
  • First crewed mission to leave Earth orbit
  • First crewed mission to the vicinity of the Moon
  • First crewed mission to orbit the Moon
  • First human beings to see and photograph the whole Earth and Earthrise

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