Testimonials for Apollospace

“Astronaut Rusty Schweickart’s story is one of the great ones, and the way this film [“Rusty Schweickart: Apollo 9 & Beyond”] tells the story has its own greatness,”Stewart Brand, co-founder of Long Now Foundation and creator and editor of the Whole Earth Catalog (National Book Award).

“What was the real meaning of Apollo? The big meaning? That’s what I asked myself anticipating the 50th anniversary of that historic moment. Jeremy Theoret captured it in this film… this is what I believe. No small challenge.”Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart.

“I am proud and honored to have been helpful in producing the beautiful piece of art that is this film. From the music to the visuals to what comes out of the mind of an amazing human being, this is a seamless and for me deeply emotional work that is a major contribution to the annals of space and also human history … You have produced something very special with this … What I get from it cannot be measured in any form of currency … I want to savor the incredibly warm feeling this film has given me, thank you for that gift.” – Martin Lollar, crowdfunding executive producer of “Rusty Schweickart: Apollo 9 & Beyond”.

“Jeremy is one of the most long-standing, knowledgeable, and trusted members of the space collecting community.” Burke Burnett

“Can’t thank you enough for the ‘flash drive’ with all the Apollo 13 photos … A lot of my life has been dedicated to the Space Program and I appreciate your interest in assuring that material that might be lost over the years is being preserved through your effort.” Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP

“… they are without a doubt the highest quality image archive I have seen, and you need to be congratulated on the work and effort you have gone to!” Max A.

“THANK YOU so much for the Apollo 9 flight image collection … These images are by far the BEST resolution I have ever seen from Apollo 9… and the entire catalog taboot! Again, I can’t say thank you enough.” Matt P.

I have just reviewed the film you produced and it looks perfect to me. I think you did an outstanding job of capturing the important points that you wanted to bring out concerning the Gemini and Apollo programs.” Gen. Tom Stafford, Gemini 6, 9, Apollo 10, & ASTP astronaut

“… great productions. I like your down to earth more informal interview style … Keep up the good work. NASA has lots of oral history but it is not as interesting and personalized as what you create … Thanks for your great work preserving some history from those who flew!” Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP

what a wonderful and amazing film. Fred Haise provides such a terrific narrative. The clarity of the filming of Fred’s historical and anecdotal recounting as well as the crystal-clear photographs is remarkable … It gives me great pride to have my name associated with this film and thank you for the exquisite and professional product.”Arthur Siemientkowski, crowdsourcing producer of Apollo 13 in Pictures and Words.

“Amazing quality images … I hope more people see the work you are doing it is truly amazing! It’s a gold mine for those who know it!”