Company Mission:

The Mission of Apollospace is to produce the most comprehensive, fully corrected, highest quality, and highest-resolution space program images and image collections available; to produce high-quality space exploration focused films and other media with high educational and entertainment value; and to offer collectors the finest in authentic astronaut autographed memorabilia and other space-related collectibles.

Company & Owner Background:

Apollospace, LLC was formed as a New Mexico Limited Liability Company in 2016. Managing Member and principal owner, Jeremy Theoret, possesses over 25 years of experience buying, selling, and authenticating astronaut autographs and producing high quality NASA images. From approximately 1996 through 2007, Jeremy ran and operated as a DBA/ sole proprietorship. was one of the first commercial websites exclusively devoted to selling astronaut autographs and space memorabilia.

During the time Apollospace operated as a sole proprietorship, it sold many thousands of autographs throughout the world, many of which were acquired directly from the Astronauts themselves through private arrangements. Jeremy brings with him vast knowledge, experience, and expertise related to space collectibles, particularly Apollo era mission photography and astronaut autographs.

Jeremy also produced and sold thousands of lab processed NASA photographs printed from NASA internegatives he acquired. He travelled extensively to various NASA centers perusing NASA photographic archives to select and print some of the Apollo Program’s most compelling images available at that time.

In 1996, Jeremy started selling astronaut autographs on eBay. That was within eBay’s first year of operation (when it was still known as “AuctionWeb”– and when it had fewer than 40,000 registered users!). In 1998, Jeremy founded, and was the first moderator of, one of the first online space community discussion groups devoted to astronaut autographs, on Yahoo: astronauts@yahoogroups, with over 600 members and thousands of messages exchanged monthly at its peak.

Jeremy ceased operations of that first version of Apollospace in 2007, when he began attending law school. After practicing law for six years, Jeremy decided it was time to re-establish Apollospace for the digital age. This website and Apollospace products are the result.