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The Hasselblad Flight Photographs

The Apollo 13 mission carried four 70MM Hasselblad cameras, of which two were used, and returned with 5 magazines of film.  A total of 584 exposures were taken during the mission: 95 on black & white film and 489 on color film.

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Apollo 13 Magazine 58/N

Apollo 13 Magazine 58/N contains 26 color images: NASA ID #s AS13-58-8456 to AS13-58-8481.

This magazine consists of a short sequence of color photographs of the separated service module taken with the 250-mm lens.

Apollo 13 Magazine 59/R

Apollo 13 Magazine 9/R contains 95 black & white images: NASA ID #s AS13-59-8482 to AS13-59-8576.

This magazine consists of photographs of the separation of the service module, lunar module jettison, and the earth and lunar discs taken with the 250-mm lens.

Apollo 13 Magazine 60/L

Apollo 13 Magazine 60/L contains 151 color images: NASA ID #s AS13-60-8577 to AS13-60-8726.

This magazine consists of photographs of earth orbit, transearth injection, and the single lunar pass with the transearth coast.  It includes photographs of the nearside mares, Basin IX, and far side craters. and was photographed with the 250-mm lens.

Apollo 13 Magazine 61/II

Apollo 13 Magazine 61/II contains 166 color images: NASA ID #s AS13-61-8727 to AS13-61-8879.

This magazine consists of  small-scale lunar disc photographs including Mare Crisium, mare Smythii, and far side Basin II.

Apollo 13 Magazine 62/JJ

Apollo 13 Magazine 62/JJ contains 164 color images: NASA ID #s AS13-62-8880 to AS13-62-9039a.

This magazine contains photos of the crescent earth, a sequence of high oblique images of the lunar surface, and far side craters photographed with the 80-mm and the 250-mm lenses.  It also contains some very good interior images of the LM.

Apollo 13 Magazine 63/S

Apollo 13 Magazine 63/S contains 6 black & white images: NASA ID #s AS13-63-9040 to AS13-63-9045.

This magazine consists of photos of the Earth, with the interior of the LM reflected on LM window in most.


Photo credit for all color Apollo 13 Hasselblad flight photographs: NASA/JSC/ASU/Apollospace.

Photo credit for black & white Apollo 13 Hasselblad flight photographs: NASA/JSC/Apollospace.

Apollo 13 Mission Overview


  • James A. Lovell Jr., Commander
  • Fred W. Haise Jr., Lunar Module Pilot
  • John L. Swigert Jr., Command Module Pilot


  • Command Module: Odyssey (CM-109)
  • Lunar Module: Aquarius (LM-7)


  • April 11, 1970
  • Launch Pad 39A
  • Saturn-V AS-508 launch vehicle


  • Earth Orbits: 1.5
  • Duration: 5 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes, 41 seconds
  • Distance: 622,268 miles


  • April 17, 1970
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Recovery Ship: USS Iwo Jima

Mission Objectives

  • Explore the Fra Mauro area. (The explosion of an oxygen tank forced Apollo 13 to circle the Moon without landing and the Fra Mauro site was reassigned to Apollo 14).

Mission Accomplishments

  • First repeat Lunar voyager (Lovell also CMP on Apollo 8)
  • Lunar Module used as a lifeboat
  • NASA’s “successful failure”
  • Crew returned safely to Earth!

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