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12 03, 2022

Earth From Space I – First Photographs From Space

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First Photograph of Earth from Space, 1946

First photo of the Earth from Space. Image Credit: Department of Defense, Department of the Army 1946

When I think about space, I think of Earth. The pinnacle of the space program has been seeing the Earth from space and gaining a perspective of our place in the universe impossible otherwise. By reaching for the heavens, we came to see ourselves. We found home. The first image of Earth from space stands as a crowning achievement of humankind’s quest for understanding, borne, ironically, from humanity’s darkest nature.

During World War II, Germany developed the V-2 rocket to rain terror and death upon Britain. When the war ended in 1945, the United States captured hundreds of the V-2s and brought them back to the United States and White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico for testing.

On October 24, 1946, the US Army launched a V-2 that […]

13 08, 2021


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“Apollo Reflections” Film & Titan II Missile

After producing four short films in the Apollo Reflections series, we are now focusing our attention on our feature-length documentary, “Apollo Reflections.” During our recent trip to Tucson, AZ for Spacefest we were fortunate to interview several more Space Shuttle era astronauts and others who witnessed Apollo history or were inspired by it, including Shuttle Astronauts Eileen Collins (1st US female mission Commander), Mario Runco, Kathy Sullivan (1st US female Spacewalker), Linda Godwin, and Clay Anderson, as well as authors, and the only college journalists given NASA press credentials to report on the Apollo 11 mission, David Chudwin and Marv Rubenstein, and Ryan Nagata, among others.

We also shot some great B-Roll at the Titan II Missile Museum south of Tucson.

I gazed upon the Titan II pondering its power with a mix of awe, wonder, […]


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