Apollospace® proudly presents the most comprehensive collection of fully restored and enhanced Apollo 10 flight images at the highest quality and resolution available!

Apollo 10, the second manned Apollo mission to orbit the Moon and the final Dress “rehearsal” before the manned landing of Apollo 11, celebrates its 50th Anniversary in May, 2019.

1442 high resolution flight images from the Apollo 10 Mission – every image photographed by astronauts during the mission!

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This special commemorative Apollo 10 50th Anniversary USB flash drive contains the complete catalog of every photograph taken by the Apollo 10 astronauts during this historic mission  – fully restored and enhanced at the highest quality and resolution available!

The 1442 flight images contained on this USB together total more than 13 gigabytes in size …

That’s enough to fill 4 DVDS!

Color photo magazines (27N, 34M, and 35U) measure 5200 x 5200 pixels at 300 dpi. Black & white photo magazines (28O, 29P, 30Q, 31R, 32S, and 33T) measure 4000 x 4000 pixels at 300 dpi.

At 5200 pixels, the color Apollo 10 flight images on this USB are up to 70% larger than partially restored and corrected counterparts available online and on other commercially available media, which generally measure only up to 3000 pixels each, are only a few megabytes in size (if that), and have not been fully corrected and cleaned.

Each and every image on The Apollo 10 Flight Images USB has been painstakingly cropped and corrected for color, tone, and contrast and cleaned of blemishes including dust, hairs, scan lines, emulsion spots, streaks, scratches, stray reflections, and other flaws.

It is common for images to require as many as several hundred separate corrective actions to achieve the restored, corrected, and enhanced versions available on […]