30 06, 2019


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There are three weeks until the 50th anniversary of the historic first steps on the Moon on July 20, 1969.  To mark that occasion, Apollospace has produced the definitive collection of ultra-high resolution images from the first five Apollo missions that led to those first steps.

The Apollospace First Steps Apollo Image Collection on a commemorative Apollo Saturn V rocket custom USB.  These images have been fully restored from new JSC scans are the highest resolution, highest quality collection of images available anywhere.

Recently, our Apollo 10 Flight Images USB cards were selected as gifts for attendees of Gen. Stafford’s 50th Anniversary celebration.  When the Director of the Stafford Air & Space Museum first saw these images, he wrote: “In my 50+ year career in the space museum business, they are without a doubt […]

23 12, 2018


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Apollospace® proudly presents the most comprehensive collection of fully restored and enhanced Apollo 8 flight images at the highest quality and resolution available!

Apollo 8, the second manned Apollo mission and the first to venture to the moon, celebrates its 50th Anniversary December 21-27, 2018.

866 high resolution flight images from the historic Apollo 8 Mission – every image photographed by astronauts during this historic mission!

Click the image below to order:

All images measure 5200 x 5200 pixels at 300 dpi, with photo credits to: NASA/JSC/ASU/Apollospace

This special commemorative Apollo 8 50th Anniversary USB flash drive contains the complete catalog of every photograph taken by the Apollo 8 […]

18 11, 2018

Apollo 8: The Earth From Here

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In anticipation of the 50th Anniversary of the historic Apollo 8 mission, the first to leave the close confines of planet Earth and venture to the Moon, Apollospace produced this short film, “Apollo 8: The Earth From Here.” 

In December 1968, a year marred by division and pain, human beings ventured farther out than ever before.  The crew of Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders became the first human beings to see the entire Earth, the lunar farside, and the first Earthrise. This short film uses the highest resolution, fully restored Apollo 8 photographs accompanied by contemporaneous radio transmission descriptions from the Apollo 8 crew.

Apollo 8: The Earth From Here from Apollospace on Vimeo.


Apollospace® proudly presents the most comprehensive collection of fully restored and enhanced Apollo 8 flight images at the highest […]

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