Earth From Space V – A Distant World

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A Distant World

Voyager I view of Earth and Moon. Credit NASA/JPL

At top is a photograph from the Cassini spacecraft at Saturn, approximately 900 million miles from Earth, showing Earth just below the rings on July 19, 2013. Above, the first full-disk picture of both the Earth and the Moon as seen by Voyager I on September 18, 1977. Voyager 1 snapped this picture approximately 7.25 million miles from Earth. This was the first image to show both the full Earth and Moon in the same frame.

Robotic spacecraft have ventured deep into space, far more distant than human beings have yet travelled, allowing a perspective that we could previously only imagine. The Voyager I spacecraft was the first to image the Earth and Moon together on its way out to Jupiter and Saturn, the first probe to visit those planets, and now exploring interstellar space. Fifteen years later, on December 16, 1992, the Galileo spacecraft took […]