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Our Indiegogo campaign is now live to raise funds for production of our interview with General Thomas Stafford (Gemini 6, Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and ASTP)

On May 19th, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down for an interview with the legendary Gen. Tom Stafford, at his name sake museum in Weatherford, OK, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the flight of Apollo 10. We set up the interview at the base of his actual Gemini 6 spacecraft, an incredible backdrop for our conversation.

General Stafford is among the space pioneer elite, having been selected to NASA as one of the “New Nine” – the second group of astronauts after the Mercury 7.  He graciously sat for the interview for about an hour before he had to prepare for a public talk he was to give at the local high school.

I was able to ask him questions about all of his missions.  From his first, GT-6, which featured the first rendezvous of two spacecraft, to his last, the Apollo-Soyuz test Project (ASTP) and the first docking of two international spacecraft.  In between, he confronted angry alligators; endured spacewalks from hell; barnstormed the moon, brought a tumbling spaceship back under control, and he became (as he remains to this day) the fastest man alive.  I also asked him about the significance and legacy of Apollo, the lessons and implications for humanity from international cooperation and seeing the Earth from space, and his thoughts on the future.

We were also fortunate to record his public talk, a Q&A session with Mark Larson, where Stafford shared even more stories.

In addition to the interview and public event, we recorded numerous exhibits in the museum to use in the film, and of course we have the entire catalog of fully restored ultra-high resolution images from all of Stafford’s missions to select and incorporate – as well as archival video footage to supplement the film.

 Now we need to bring his great stories to life!  You can help by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign

Earthrise over the moon from Apollo 10

UFOS?!?! – Ok, there’s a lot more to that story!

Beat Army sign, Gemini 6

First space rendezvous, Gemini 6 & 7

“Angry alligator”, Gemini 9

Stafford and Leonov during the ASTP mission

Campaign Goals

This campaign has a goal of $7500 for post-production needs to complete the Apollo 10 related film “Reflections: The General on Gemini & Apollo” with Apollo 10 astronaut General Thomas Stafford.  Filming is complete and funds generated will first be used for post-production needs.  Tom Stafford was the pilot of Gemini 6, and Commander of Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and the US crew for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Mission.  In the film, Stafford talks about Apollo 10, his two Gemini missions, and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), the last of the Apollo era missions.

Funds raised beyond the requirements of this film will be used to cover productions costs for additional interviews.

Contributor Perks

We are offering some great, and incredibly unique, perks for contributors to this campaign, including:

  • “Thank You” credit with your name listed on our website and in the film;
  • “Special Thank You” credit in the film;
  • The Apollo 10 Flight Images Collection USB including all 1400+ Apollo 10 mission photos in the highest resolution and quality ever offered;
  • The completed film, “Apollo Reflections: The General on Gemini and Apollo”;
  • The Complete Apollo 7 through Apollo 11 Photograph Collection, “First Steps”, with over 5000 ultra-high resolution photos on a custom Saturn V shaped USB;
  • Producer and Executive Producer credits in the film and the opportunity to have input in the final cut with the director and editor;
  • Executive Producer credits in the film and the opportunity to have input in the final cut including face time with the director and editor;
  • Complete transcripts of the interview;
  • Exclusive raw footage not included in the film;
  • There is even autographed memorabilia hand-signed by Charlie Duke who walked on the moon during Apollo 16 and photos signed by the General himself! (Note that the autographed items offered are unique and will vary slightly from the images of the perks).
  • Everyone who contributes any amount will also get a link to the completed film.

Click here to visit our Indiegogo campaign now and help us complete this film – great perks!  Be a part of space history!