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Apollo Reflections

We continue to work on production of our feature film, “Apollo Reflections”, a feature length documentary featuring the reflections of Apollo Astronauts, other spacefarers, scientists, artists, and others who were part of, witnessed, have a connection to, and were inspired by the Apollo missions to the Moon, with an anticipated release date in 2023. Here is a promo for the film.


When I was a kid, anything was possible. We reached for the stars and touched the moon, and on the way discovered Earth, our home. When I reflect on Apollo, I think of our home. I think of heroes and humanity, the quest for knowledge and the need to explore. New perspectives and inspiration. What does Apollo mean? What can it tell us about ourselves and our place in the universe, 50 years ago, and today? This film answers these questions. And more.

On December 21, 1968, just days after my sixth birthday, humanity first left […]