Image collections from Apollo 11, the first human mission to land on the Moon!

  • Apollo 11 Magazine 36/N contains 142 color images: NASA #s AS11-36-5291 to AS11-36-5432.
  • Apollo 11 Magazine 40/S contains 129 color images: NASA #s AS11-40-5844 to AS11-40-5970. This Magazine contains perhaps the most iconic images of the entire Apollo Program. The entire Magazine, with the exception of the first three images taken from lunar orbit, consists of images taken on the lunar surface at Tranquility Base including numerous shots of the astronauts, the Lunar Module, experiment packages, and pans of the lunar surface.

  • Apollo 11 Magazine 38/O contains 181 black & white images: NASA #s AS11-38-5556 to AS11-38-5736. This Magazine consists of images of the lunar far side and several images of the Moon and Earth after trans-earth insertion.

  • Apollo 11 Magazine 37/R contains 123 color images, NASA #s AS11-37-5433 to AS11-37-5555.  This Magazine contains images taken from the Lunar Module.
  • Apollo 11 Magazine 39/Q contains 107 black & white images: NASA #s AS11-39-5737 to AS11-39-5843. The Magazine consists of photographs of Tranquility Base, including views of the Lunar Module, Eagle's, shadow and the landing area, before and after the historic moonwalk.

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