The Gemini missions, each composed of a two person crew, were the “bridge to Apollo,” between the one-man Mercury missions and the three-man Apollo missions that ultimately achieved the goal of landing an American on the Moon and returning him safely to earth.  The successful Lunar landings would not have been possible without the experience gained by the astronauts during the ten Gemini missions from 1965-1966.  Long duration missions, orbital rendezvous and docking, and Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs) or spacewalks to test the people, machines, and equipment necessary to get to the Moon and back were all first performed during the Gemini Program.

The Apollospace Gemini Mission Flight Photographs found on this site are arranged by specific mission pages.  3001 in-flight photographs were taken by astronauts during the Gemini Program, primarily with Hasselblad cameras, as follows:

Gemini Program Mission Flight Images (3001 total images)

Gemini 3 – 30 images S65-18737 to S65-18761

Gemini 4 – 363 images (294 useable)

Gemini 5 – 402 images (357 useable)

Gemini 6 – 260 images (202 useable)

Gemini 7 – 467 images (440 useable)

Gemini 8 – 21 images

Gemini 9 – 368 images (367 useable)

Gemini 10 – 374 images (357 useable)

Gemini 11 – 242 images

Gemini 12 – 474 images

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