There are three weeks until the 50th anniversary of the historic first steps on the Moon on July 20, 1969.  To mark that occasion, Apollospace has produced the definitive collection of ultra-high resolution images from the first five Apollo missions that led to those first steps.

The Apollospace First Steps Apollo Image Collection on a commemorative Apollo Saturn V rocket custom USB.  These images have been fully restored from new JSC scans are the highest resolution, highest quality collection of images available anywhere.

Recently, our Apollo 10 Flight Images USB cards were selected as gifts for attendees of Gen. Stafford’s 50th Anniversary celebration.  When the Director of the Stafford Air & Space Museum first saw these images, he wrote: “In my 50+ year career in the space museum business, they are without a doubt the highest quality image archive I have seen, and you need to be congratulated on the work and effort you have gone to!”

So just how good are our images compared to other examples available online or on DVD image collections?

People often ask me, “how do your images compare to Retrospace images?”

Retrospace has done amazing work preserving many many thousands of Apollo era photographs. 

But here are the facts about mission flight images, the photographs taken by the astronauts during the missions:

Apollospace images are 60% larger by pixel size than the Retrospace images, and each Apollospace image holds 10-30 times more information than comparable Retrospace images!

For comparison, the Retrospace Apollo 9 High-Res Image Library’s mission photos comprise only 1.4 GB of data, or about ¼ of the DVD.  The Apollospace First Steps Ultra-High resolution mission photos on our Saturn V USB available on Indiegogo comprise 15.9GB (1,590MB) of data – that’s 4 DVDs worth of information for the flight images from that flight alone!  The Apollospace images contain more than 12 times the data than comparable Retrospace images.

Retro flight images measure 2992×2992 pixels, while the Apollospace images measure 5000×5000 for all color images and BW images for Apollo7, 8, and 9 (BW images for Apollo 10 and 11 measure 4000×4000 pixels).  The average data size of the Retro images is generally less than 10% of the size of the Apollospace images.  The 7 magazines from the Apollo 9 mission compare as follows:

                                              Apollospace                                                          Retrospace

Magazine 19                       2.53GB  (2,530MB)                                             277MB

Magazine 20                       2.44GB                                                                  260MB

Magazine 21                       2.88GB                                                                  278MB

Magazine 22                       3.59GB                                                                  244MB

Magazine 23                       3.36GB                                                                  222MB

Magazine 24                       947MB                                                                  136MB

Magazine 25                       257MB                                                                  22.9MB

                                Total:   15.9GB                                                                  1.4GB

Large prints made from Apollospace images can be measured in feet, not just inches.

But of course, most important of all is, how do the images look. Below are four unaltered samples of the same NASA images from the Retrospace Apollo 9 mission available on their Apollo 9 High-Res Image Library, compared to the comparable fully restored Apollospace image: (Retrospace images from “Apollo 9 High-Res Image Library” credit:NASA/JSC; Apollospace Images credit: NASA/JSC/ASU/Apollospace)

Retrospace image of Dallas-Fort Worth 2292 pixels and 2MB in size…

Retrospace image AS09-21-3222 Dallas-Fort Worth region; 2292 x 2292 pixels, 2MB

Apollospace image of Dallas-Fort Worth 5000 pixels and 26MB in size…

Apollospace image AS09-21-3222 Dallas-Fort Worth region; 5000 x 5000 pixels, 26MB

Retrospace version of AS09-20-3176 2292 pixels, 1MB

Retrospace version of AS09-20-3176 2292 pixels, 1MB

Apollospace version of AS09-20-3176, 5000 pixels, 25MB


Apollospace version of AS09-20-3176, 5000 pixels, 25MB

Retrospace version of AS09-19-3035, 2992 pixels, 2MB

Retrospace version of AS09-19-3035, 2992 pixels, 2MB

Apollospace version of AS09-19-3035, 5000 pixels, 30MB!

Apollospace version of AS09-19-3035, 5000 pixels, 30MB!

Retrospace version of AS09-19-3039, 2992 pixels 1MB

Retrospace version of AS09-19-3039, 2992 pixels 1MB

Apollospace version of AS09-19-3039, 5000 pixels, 26MB

Apollospace version of AS09-19-3039, 5000 pixels, 26MB

Seeing is believing!

Each Apollospace image has been painstakingly restored down to the pixel level making the detail in the Apollospace images unparalleled.  Many images required hundreds, if not thousands of individual corrections.  Each image was reviewed and corrected at maximum magnification to correct flaws down to the pixel level.  More than 1 million corrections went in to this amazing collection!  After 50 years, Apollospace is finally offering the complete catalog of Apollo images as they were meant to be seen.

Retro’s Apollo 7 through Apollo 11 Image Libraries are contained on 5 DVD at $30 each – so all 5 missions would cost about $150 for the high-resolution images.

Now, through our Indiegogo campaign, the First Steps Apollo Flight Images collection (Apollo 7 through 11) is being offered at the low introductory price of only $50 for 5 complete mission photo collections in ultra-high resolution.  That’s just $10 per mission for the highest resolution, highest quality fully restored Apollo image collection available. 

There are still three weeks remaining on our Indiegogo campaign for this incredible collection, but time is running out.  If you love space, you will love this image collection!

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  You can go to and download any three mission downloads for free – potentially hundreds of examples to look at for yourself.  Just use the coupon code: 3FREEMAGS at checkout to download high-resolution images (3600 x 3600 pixels) and compare to anything online or elsewhere.  And then get the 5000 pixel images on a really cool USB you can plug into a TV or computer.